Throughout its first century, the Village of Hinsdale had no organization or central place to store records and treasures of its past. Scattered attic trunks, photograph scrapbooks and dusty basement library stacks were the isolated repositories that contained clues to the Village's glorious history. Memories of earlier times were gradually fading. As early residents and their descendents died, pieces of history went with them.


Inspired by the Village's approaching centennial celebration in 1973, a group of concerned residents began to scour the community in search of data and memorabilia that would be useful in public exhibits and presentations of its 100 year history. Because of the difficulties encountered in collecting such material, the idea of a permanent historical organization was conceived.


In April 1975, the Hinsdale Historical Society, under the auspices of the Village's Board of Trustees, was granted a charter as a not-for-profit corporation by the State of Illinois. It was the end of the beginning.


The first of many tasks facing the Society's Trustees was to find a home - a building that was itself of historical significance, that could adequately house the Society's headquarters and archives, serve as a public museum, be conveniently located and meet a non-existent budget.

In 1981, after years of searching, the Society was offered a centennial home owned by Hinsdale School District 181. The Village Board made a one-quarter acre park site available under a long-term lease and the Society took possession on August 12, 1981, relocating the house from 213 South Lincoln Street to 15 South Clay Street. The Society privately raised funds to pay the cost of moving the house, utility installation, basement construction, a new roof, front porch and other necessary repairs. Meanwhile, a tireless group of volunteers collected data and memorabilia and developed a program of service.

With the community into its second century, the Society is well established. Hinsdale's proud heritage will be preserved and displayed for future generations.



Kristen Laakso, President

Charles Brigden, First Vice President

Carrie Rozich, Second Vice President

Richard Heinz, Treasurer

Suzanne Rose, Secretary

Anne Swenson, Past President                                 



Katharine Andrews

Alexis Braden

Hope Lloyd Brown

Keith Brunini

Paul Garver

Joanna Gatzulis

Patrick Roxworthy



Heather Jashnani

Anne Kearns

Carrie Rozich


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