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Each year, the Society reaches out to people like you in our community to ask for support to the Society’s Annual Fund. Through these gifts, those who share the passion for Hinsdale’s local history contribute to the ongoing work of the Society. These gifts ensure that our history will continue to enrich our lives, educate our children and connect us.


The Society has grown immensely in the past decade. As owners of three remarkable historic properties, (the Hinsdale History Museum, Immanuel Hall and the R. Harold Zook Home and Studio) the Annual Fund provides essential support for operating and maintaining these special treasures in our local community. They are home to the Society’s quality educational programming, exhibits, and resources, all of which are complemented by the work of the Roger and Ruth Anderson Architecture Center and the dedication of our many Society volunteers.


Please join us in celebrating the memories and stories of our community with a contribution that will support local history.


Thank you for your continued support and your belief in our mission to bridge the past, present and future by engaging the community with its history and architecture.


Ways to support the Hinsdale Historical Society.



The Hinsdale Historical Society seeks to preserve the history of Hinsdale, Illinois. If you have items of historical value that you wish to be added to our collections, please contact us at

A Deed of Gift is required to be completed by the donor(s) at time of drop-off or delivery.


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