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The Hinsdale Historical Society first introduced the historic plaque program in 1986 to highlight the rich history and architectural heritage of our village. The program is voluntary and is designed to publicly identify local historic structures and to congratulate owners’ efforts in preservation.

Homes that are at least 90 years old are eligible.

The plaques are cast bronze, oval shaped, and measure approximately 5” high and 6.5” wide. Each is custom-cast with the construction date, or “circa” date, of the home and the Hinsdale Historical Society’s name. It is recommended that plaques be mounted near the front door of the home where they can be viewed from the sidewalk.

We bought our Free Classic Queen Anne home 14 years ago.  We have always wanted to know when our house was built.  We are very excited that the Hinsdale Historical Society is offering the Plaque Program again and looking forward to displaying a plaque on our home. ~ Emily Van Houtte 

In order to be eligible, the home must be at least 90 years old. The construction date of the home must be accurately researched and verified. Homeowners can request for the Hinsdale Historical Society to conduct the research of the home for a nominal fee of $75. Otherwise, homeowners may choose to conduct the research on their own.

Once the research is complete, homeowners must submit a Historic Plaque Application to the Hinsdale Historical Society. The Society reserves the right to refuse plaque designation for any building where research is incomplete or is not verified.

Please note that this program is not affiliated with the Village of Hinsdale’s Historic Preservation Commission and does not in any way assist in applying for the State of Illinois’ Property Tax Assessment Freeze Program, nor is it affiliated with the National Register of Historic Places administered by the U.S. National Park Service.


Historic Plaque Approval

Upon successful completion of the application process, homeowners will receive:

  • a certificate acknowledging the construction date of the home.

  • a bronze historical marker customized with the date of construction.

  • a written history of the building, if research is conducted by the Society.

Fees and Next Steps

Members                     $300

Non-Members             $350

If you are interested in learning more about the program, please email the Society at or call 630-789-2600. 

Please fill out the form below to get started.

We look forward to honoring your historic home!


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