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As early as April 1919, the community began discussing the possibility of erecting a memorial, possibly an auditorium and gymnasium on school property, in tribute to their war heroes. 


The Village hired architects George W. Maher & Son in 1923 to design a Community Center plan, which included a central memorial fountain.  By 1927, a committee was appointed to promote the financing of a war memorial civic building.  


Led by the American Legion Women’s Auxiliary, 2,000 of Hinsdale’s citizens donated over $171,000 to the fund.  With a design based on Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, Chicago architect Edwin 

H. Clark won the commission and the cornerstone was laid on Armistice Day, 1927.


The original main building, dedicated on July 4, 1928, housed the Village offices, Public Library, American Legion, and Boy Scouts. The landscaping, clock tower, and bell were installed and dedicated the following year.

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