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Consider some of these prompts: 


  • Who are you? How old are you? 

  • Who do you live with? How has your daily routine changed? Your household’s routine?

  • Has your job been affected? Are you working from home? Are you an essential business that remains open?

  • Has social isolation/distancing changed your work? Recreation? Communication with loved ones?

  • Did you, or anyone you know get sick? How did you cope or prepare? 

  • What does your quarantine workspace look like? 

  • What is an activity you’ve been doing to keep busy? 

  • What are your favorite quarantine snacks? 

Sample Submission

Carrie Rozich - Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister, and Volunteer at HHSWB and The Lane School.


My daughter is an only child and has a great imagination. The other day she told me a story about “a virtual job interview and a virtual date during the pandemic” that she had created during her freetime for fun...I was struck by the fact that the shelter in place regulations have even impacted our children's  imaginative playtime. Another night, she asked if in the future, students in Social Studies class might have to answer a question like “Put these things in chronological order: 1) The Chicago Fire, 2) the World’s Colombian Exposition and…Do you think the CoronaVirus will be on that list? Mom” “Yes, sweetheart,” I replied. “The Pandemic will be taught as a significant event to children in the future.” Finally I found a COVID-19-themed song she made up and recorded on our iPad.... (see attached video below) These moments with my daughter inspire me to say to my daughter and all the other kids in town: “Hang in there tiny heroes! You will play with your friends again soon.”

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Record Tomorrow's History Today

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