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From the Archives: Fullersburg Cemetery

Fullersburg Cemetery is a private cemetery located at the north end of Garfield.  In 1851 Benjamin Fuller donated the land to be used for the cemetery as well as adjacent property for a school, which was near the north gate of the cemetery.

The first cemetery in the area was called Torode’s Cemetery, which was located north of the place Salt Creek crosses 22nd Street.  Many of the Fuller family were originally buried there, including Jacob Fuller (Benjamin Fuller's father) and his three wives, Benjamin’s sister, and several others.  In the early 1960’s the property was bought by Butler Enterprises, and the graves were moved to Fullersburg Cemetery, including the earliest burial of Candace Fuller from 1847.  Candace was the mother of Benjamin and his 10 brothers and sisters.  Also buried there are several Civil War veterans, some in unmarked graves.

Gravestones of Samuel and Mary F. Fuller.
Gravestones of Samuel and Mary F. Fuller.

For many years, the cemetery has been enclosed by a locked fence due to problems with vandalism and is accessible only by appointment.  Burials there today would only be open to current lot holders.  The cemetery is operated by the Fullersburg Cemetery Association.

Fullersburg Cemetery looking north from entrance.
Fullersburg Cemetery looking north from entrance.

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