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West Hinsdale Avenue in 1926

West Hinsdale Avenue, between the alley and Lincoln Street, 1926.
West Hinsdale Avenue, between the alley and Lincoln Street, 1926.

14-16 West Hinsdale

In 1927, this lot of cars became the new Hinsdale Post Office, which was designed by Hinsdale architect R. Harold Zook. After a fire in the Heineman Building (on the Northeast corner of Washington and First) occurred on the evening of 5 December 1926, the post office needed a new home. Housed at that location since 1894, the postmaster saved all the mail and most of the furniture and equipment. The post office moved into its current building on Symonds Drive in 1942.

18 West Hinsdale

Once Emil Sorenson’s Barber Shop. This little building was built between 1909 and 1919 and has been home to many businesses including a cleaners, a shoe repair shop, and, today, nail salon AdoreNails.

20 West Hinsdale

This 1894 building (of which only the 2nd story can be seen in this photograph) was the home of Edward J. Secker, who operated his Cresent Tin Shop out of the basement. It has seen many changes to its façade and has been home to a heating company, taxi service, beauty shop, pet groomer, and now, the Hinsdale Barber Shop.

24 West Hinsdale

E. H. Fleck & Co., Chevrolet Sales & Service. Edward H. Fleck had this building constructed in 1923 after selling his share of the Ford dealership that he had with Ed Buchholz at 40 West Hinsdale. The building was later home to Hartley’s Cycle Shoppe, Ltd.

28 West Hinsdale

Drake Motor Sales Co., dealer in Hupmobiles. Built by the Hupp Motor Car Company, Hupmobiles were produced from 1909 to 1939. This business, like the Hupmobile itself, did not last long, as it was gone by 1927. Besides a car dealership, it has been an appliance repair shop and the offices of Baird & Warner. Today, it is home to Trumeau Design & Décor.

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