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The Hinsdale Historical Society Women's Board is dedicated to supporting the Hinsdale Historical Society's mission to bridge the past, present, and future. By engaging the community with its history and architecture, the Women's Board fosters an appreciation of Hinsdale history and architecture through its membership, events and programs.


Laurel Haarlow


Laurel has lived in Hinsdale for 16 years with her husband and kids, but she grew up in town, left for a while, and returned, so that brings her years of experience in Hinsdale to about 40 total years. Shortly after moving back to Hinsdale, Laurel joined forces with an amazing group of women interested in promoting Hinsdale’s sense of place, historic value, and community spirit. This group was so fun because it was multi-generational and drew people from diverse neighborhoods and backgrounds. Everyone had great ideas and energy, and out of those meetings the Women's Board and the Kitchen Walk took shape. For Laurel, it's very gratifying to see what those efforts have become today, and the depth of organization within the Women's Board. 

Laurel's favorite building is The Pantheon, in Rome. Almost two thousand years after it was built, it is still the largest unreinforced concrete dome in the world. The proportions are flawless, and it's a true masterpiece. Laurel enjoys anything at the CSO, travel, gardening, baking, and attempting to keep up with her kids! She is passionate about good design; whether it be a smartly appointed room, a building with beautiful proportions, an iconic landscape or a well planned city, good design both resonates with, and imparts a greater level of enjoyment to, everyone.

With three teenagers in her house, her favorite quote is from her best friend's mother, "Be good, but if you can't be good, be safe."  Laurel's favorite book is 100 Years, 100 Landscape Designs by John Hill. This book takes the reader on an international tour of the most significant landscape architecture of the last century. 

Laurel is married with 3 teenagers and one dog, Winston. She currently serves as a Trustee for the Village of Hinsdale. She is working to build community support for establishing a park on at least part of the IBLP property north of Ogden. It's the last, large, undeveloped piece of property in Hinsdale. She believes it is imperative that we carefully consider how best to use that space and anticipate open space needs not only for today but for future generations of Hinsdaleans. Laurel says now is the time to address this issue.

Shannon Weinberger


Shannon has been a member of the Hinsdale Historical Society for close to 20 years and has worn many hats such as the author of the Society newsletter; the chair of many fundraisers (with the WB Hinsdale Drives event being one of her favorites); and as a trustee on the board holding a number of positions including holding the office of the president of the board. She was involved with the Women's Board from the beginning, being one of the women sitting in Penny Bohnen's living room brainstorming about what would eventually become the Women's Board. Shannon can still be found working behind the scenes on many of the administrative processes of the Society that keep it running. If you asked Shannon what is the best thing about volunteering for the Society and the Women's Board, she would absolutely say that it has been the deep friendships she has developed throughout the years. 

It was Shannon's first volunteer project, thanks to the leadership of Sandy William's, that got her hooked. Charged with learning as much as possible about local architect R. Harold Zook from resident Zook expert Lila Self, Shannon found herself eventually developing and presenting programs on Zook, visiting Zook homes far and wide, and eventually chairing the Zook Committee that worked to save Zook's home and studio from demolition and moved it to KLM. 

Old houses and their stories are a passion of Shannon's. She, her husband and 2 young adult sons have lived in 2 historic homes in the village. The home on "Walnut Hill", built in 1889, is still where the family resides, and they can often be found working on some project or another. It is the stories of everyday life in her home throughout the past 130 years that make the home projects an enjoyable experience rather than a chore. Shannon now sits on the village's Historic Preservation Commission and hopes to help others consider saving their historic homes instead of tearing them down.

Shannon and her husband are avid travelers and if they are not enjoying life in the village, they are traveling the world with friends, spending time at their home in Park City, or traveling to visit their two sons. Shannon also spends much of her time volunteering as a trustee for two independent school boards. As an educator, she knows the gifts of life-long learning and is always looking to learn and experience new things.


Includes a family membership to the Hinsdale Historical Society PLUS .....

  • Special admission to the Kitchen Walk

  • Pre-sale tickets to Kitchen Walk Trolley Tour

  • Pre-sale tickets to the Women's Board Guest Speaker Luncheon

  • Invitations to monthly social activities, including evening cocktails, lunches, and special gatherings

The Women's Board primary fundraiser is the annual Hinsdale Cooks! Kitchen Walk, which offers guests a tour of Hinsdale's most fabulous kitchens.  Historical landmarks including the Hinsdale History Museum, Immanuel Hall, and the R.Harold Zook Home and Studio are protected and maintained, in large, by funds raised by this event.

Learn more about our ever popular spring Hinsdale Cooks! Kitchen Walk

Questions about membership and Women's Board activities, contact WomensBoard@HinsdaleHistory.org


The 2020 Hinsdale Cooks! Kitchen Walk has been canceled.


We look forward to the 2021 Hinsdale Cooks! Kitchen Walk tentatively scheduled for May 7, 2021.


In honor of celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Hinsdale Cooks! Kitchen Walk, we will have an anchor date for a monthly member event on the 15th of each month. This will help members easily “save-the-date” in their calendar. Just as we did last year, we plan to continue to offer up a variety of fun outings. Whether it be a social evening, luncheon, or special tour, members are sure to have fun with friends new and old. As events are scheduled, they will be added to our calendar on the website and shared with all members via our closed Facebook group.


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